Collection: ORAL CARE 2023- The new TRI-LITE

TRI-LITE will be available in October 2023 - It is the latest genearation of the award winning ORAL-X 3

ORAL X TRI-LITE- Gum Care, is a Periodontal Oral Care system with 32 Medical Grade LEDs that bathe your teeth and gums in Blue, Red, and Purple Light, this safe, use at home Light Therapy treatment has been shown as one of the best ways to heal sensitive, bleeding and receding gums and to blitz Bad Breath Science shows 480nm Blue light reduces the causes of bad breath and some gum Issues. Science shows 755nm Red Light improves circulation and may help reduce issues from Receding Gums or Gum Disease *Science now shows 405nm Purple Light has the additional therapeutic advantage of combining the prevention of diseases initiated by microorganisms in the oral cavity and accelerating chemical teeth whiteners(Sold separately) Clinically Proven Results The therapeutic value of blue light for oral health has been well-researched and documented (1) the addition of red light to the blue has been found to be of additional benefit – Now purple light is emerging as having additional therapeutic value– Purple light is the result of combining Blue and Red wavelengths simultaneously. The Oral X Tri-Lite LED home therapy unit combines these three light wavelengths into one easy-to-use device- *FDA Registered – 12-month warranty – Re-chargeable (USB charger included)